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Robotics Class from T1 2015-16

Tasks App Assignment

Write a tabbed app that handles a tasks list.

On one view controller:

  • A table view that lists the tasks
  • Should be able to delete tasks
  • Should retrieve and save the task list to permanent storage using NSUserDefaults

On the other view controller:

  • A text field and a button that adds the entry to the tasks list
  • Saves the tasklist to permanent storage
  • May need to retrieve the task list from User Defaults, depending on how you configure the system.


Code for printing to LCD

Here is a function that you can add to your code.  Then you can call it with a string to display in the first line and an integer to display in the second.

Don’t forget to add the declaration in main.h, like this:

void printToScreen(char line1[17], int value);

NOTE:  when pasting the following code in, you might need to retype the “%d” portion of the third line.


void printToScreen(char line1[17], int value){
char line2[17];
sprintf(line2, “%d”, value);

lcdSetText(uart1, 1, line1);
lcdSetText(uart1, 2, line2);



Then to call it and have it display “demo” on the first line, and -42 on the second, give it this:

printToScreen(“demo”, -42);


Robotics Journal 9/9

We are nearing the end of our initial build.  Some teams have complete robots with modifications even.

Today I asked you to take a look at the intended design of the robot kits.  Make five observations about things the designers did and for each assess why they did that.  I’ll be looking for one of these from each team.


Next up: the can competition.  Please bring some clean, empty pop cans to class.

Robotics Journal 9/2

Today we continued building the clawbots.

We discussed some reasons why leaving the class early is not generally permissible.

We discussed this as the general vision for the course: build the bots as directed, reflect on why it was done the way it was, and then work on tweaking the design and programming to complete tasks.  Next will be working to develop autonomous functions, and then to respond to sensors.