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Advisory Class — ongoing posts since this does ongoing work from year to year.

Service Requirements

General Service Rules:

  • 90 hours required
  • Anything with a nonprofit or philanthropic organization
  • Not anything you’re being paid for
  • Nothing that earns you academic credit
  • No more than 40 hours for any one activity unless Ms. Robinson approves an exception
  • No more than 30 hours can be earned for school0-related activities (including wildhorse, student orientations, grade school carnival, neighborhood events and fundraising)
  • Hours done as part fo National Honor Society do not count
  • Hours done as part of Senior Exhibition DO count
  • Hours done with Advisory during the school day do not count
  • Hours done with Advisory outside the school day do count

Activities that award hours:

  • Outdoor School:  40 hours
  • Wildhorse food crew members:  35 hours
  • Team Leaders:  15 hours
  • Wildhorse Directors:  25 hours
  • India Trip:  40 hours
  • Summer camp counseling:  30 hours
  • Ambassador:  2 hours per day when being shadowed

Submitting your hours:

  • Hours not claimed by the end of the school year in which they were earned become invalid.  You cannot claim hours from last year
  • Forms for summer work must be in by 9/30
  • Forms for school-year work by 6/10

Spread out your service hours — don’t do it all in one year

Recommended sequence:

  • Grade 9: 15 hours
  • Grade 10: 20 hours
  • Grade 11: 30 hours
  • Grade 12: 25 hours

See Sam to check your hours

Potential Discussion Ideas

Potential issues for discussion

  • Environmental issues
  • International conflicts
    • ISIS
  • Syrian refugee crisis
  • Presidential election
    • Candidates
  • Genetic Engineering science
  • Teacher evaluation and education issues
  • Drug/alcohol use among high schoolers
  • Privilege at Riverdale
    • racial
    • financial
  • Dresscode
  • Homework
  • Naps
  • Sleep cycles among teenagers
    • no core classes first period?
  • Religion/Government
  • North Korea (nuclear tests)