Introducing Google Classroom

For this trimester, I am working on using Google Classroom to manage posts and assignments for the classes. This provides a number of advantages of a standard web site (even one as robust as WordPress).

In particular, Google Classroom recognizes the difference between assignments and regular posts, and it offers the ability to submit assignments through the web site. It allows me to add comments and scores into the classroom, and provides a way for students to verify that their files have been received. I am hoping that this will clear up issues that have arisen in the past with emails being misaddressed or dropped into spam folders.

You should be able to find more about Google Classroom here:

As students get registered with their classes this week, I am hoping to take advantage of the ‘Guardians’ feature and allow parents/guardians access to the classrooms as well, which will, in turn, allow them to receive automatic updates regarding the classes.

Here’s hoping, right? Please let me know if you find you are not getting enough information.


Mr. McLain